Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Sweaty Death

So it's been one of those days, hell it's been one of those weeks, maybe even the whole month.  You know the kind I'm talking about........when your just pissed off at everything and nothing all at the same time!.......and really for no one reason in particular. 

Maybe it's because your stressed out at work, frustrated with how your workouts have been going, upset that your not making the gains you want, down in the dumps because of a nagging injury that won't go away.  Maybe your frustrated with your love life, or the lack there of as the case may be.  Whatever the reasons are, your just not feeling on top of your game.......we've all been there.  Frustrated, stressed, never feeling like you have enough time to get done the things you need to.  AHHHHHH!

One of the best way to kill the negative voices that take up room in our heads is to sweat them to death.  I mean really sweat the death out of them!  I'm talking sweat pouring off your face, stinging your eyes, socking your shirt, sweat them the hell out!  Push yourself until everything goes quiet around you, and all you can hear is the sound of your own labored breathing as you struggle to pull air into your burning lungs (you know you love that feeling!)...........  Sometimes a good sweat is the best medicine for a troubled mind.

So yesterday I did just that.  I took my negative, frustrating, stress causing thoughts to a park and gave them a sweaty death!  And you know what.... it worked!  An hour later, I was exhausted, sweaty, and happy.  In fact I still have a little of that happy feeling with me today still.

This was my sweaty death yesterday.  Give it a try next time you need to find a little inner peace and quiet.

25 body weight squats
20 squat jumps
50 yard sprint
20 split lunge jumps
50 yard sprint
-repeat 5 times (try not to rest)

Burpee to *box jump 1x2x3.....x10 ascending
100 mountain climbers
10 plyo clap push ups
10 push ups
-repeat 5 times (try not to rest)
           *I used a picnic table.

You can do this workout anywhere......the gym, a park, your back yard.  

So stop making excuses and go find some sweaty peace!