Thursday, January 20, 2011

Role Models and Examples

We all have them. People we look up to, that we respect, those that we seek to be like and emulate whether they want us to or not.

Sometimes I think that we put our role models up on these high pedestals and forget that they are normal regular people, with normal regular people problems just like the rest of us.

If you think about why a particular person is a role model for you, it’s not because they live some perfect life where they never have sets backs, defeats, and personal strife. It’s just the opposite!

They are people that have gone through the some muck and shit of life that we have, succeeded and failed, loved and mourned, achieved much and lost more. The difference between them and the rest of the pathetic people that we know (or are), is that rather than sit around having pity parties for themselves, endlessly talking about how things should have been different, blaming other people or society…….. blah blah blah……., they have dug deep into their inner strength.

They have giving their problems and set backs in life the middle finger, turned weakness into strengths, and defeat into success. Success can simply be not giving into the norm of society of becoming a “poor me” person. You know the kind I am talking about. The “oh poor me, my life is so hard, blah blah blah, boo whoo”. You know……the people that want our sympathy all the time……that never take responsibility for personal choice, and that want to be victims of life. IF YOU’RE A “POOR ME PERSON”, CHANGE! THANK YOU!

Having a role model and talking about how great they are and how they inspire you, and then sitting around on your ass feeling sorry for yourself and doing nothing to improve who you are; well that is like walking up to this person that you say you look up to, saying how great you think they are followed by spitting on them, slapping them in the face, and calling them names. Kind of contradictory don’t ya think…………???? We’ll that’s exactly what your doing when you don’t follow their examples, but profess to look up to them……think about it for a minute, you know I’m right!

Maybe you’re still working to finding and developing your inner strength……..that’s ok; it’s not something that happens over night without a lot of work. I bet your role models worked damn hard to develop the ability to use their inner strength, so why should you work any less hard?? Hard work is what produces the greatest and longest lasting gains. And yes it’s hard! It’s difficult to not be a “poor me person”!

At the risk of contraindication every thing I have just said, sometimes it is ok to say “that really sucked what just happened to me”. Or “I wish that hadn’t happened, because now I have to work extra hard, or start over”. I’m not saying don’t get discouraged, or feel bad when stuff goes all wrong. Stuff will always be going wrong. But the difference is what you do after the bottom falls out…………………..

I for one wouldn’t want some of my role models to meet me one day, look at what I have done with my life and then shake their heads and walk away in disgust, although I am sure on some days they would do just that…….hmmmm how embarrassing! Guess I need to work on making some changes, and that’s just it; we all have work to do, things to work on, things to change. Don’t look at it like a bad thing, it’s a good thing! It’s called progression in life. Use every opportunity you have to improve yourself in some small way.

Let your role models be a guide of how we can choose how we respond to situations in life. We have control over how we choose to react to those things that we have no control over. It’s not easy but it can be done. Better people than you and I are doing it every day!


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