Monday, April 4, 2011

Cheating The Right Way

You know you do it, don’t deny it, don’t lie about it, and don’t pretend you don’t! You cheat, I cheat, we all cheat on our diets occasionally. Now I will grant that sometimes you may cheat and might not know it or realize that you are cheating. You would be surprised at how many foods we think are healthy really aren’t.

What about those times when you are just craving something sweet or salty……? Something that just tastes good, and makes you smile……what to do?

Should you go ahead and have a tasty cheat treat? You and I both know what will happen if you do. You will feel guilty for one, also you are more likely to blow the rest of your diet for the day after you have slipped and had something not on the “approved list”. You know you will be doing an extra 40 min of cardio to burn those dreaded calories off. Let’s not forget to mention what it will do to your mental state of mind!

I’m sure you have heard all of the usual advice before to stop cravings such at: Drink water, drink tea, chew gum, munch on celery (hey it’s got a negative calorie balance right!), do something to distract yourself, etc.

But what about those time that you just can’t live without a tasty frozen dairy treat or something baked and deliciously good???? Is there anything that can be done to save yourself from disaster? The answer to that my friends is YES! So what’s the answer you ask……? The answer is to cheat! Yes you read that right, you don’t need to get your eyes checked. Cheat…….but cheat the right way.

I was talking with my good friend, spokes model finalist, and IFBB pro Kathleen Tesori the other day about this very topic, and asking her what she does when she has a craving for a cheat, and what recommendations she might have for the rest of us. She said she cheats, but she cheats the right way. She explained that there are ways to have cheat foods that aren’t really cheating. It’s all in the preparation and choices my friends.

I’ll us myself as an example. I love French toast! I mean I really, really love French toast…but as of yet I haven’t found a way to make it healthy. Well Kathleen as shown me how I can enjoy the yummy goodness of French to toast, but not blow my diet for the day. Basically you take your egg whites, oatmeal, add in a little sweetener and some cinnamon, blend it all together, pore into a waffle maker, and bam! Out comes an egg white oatmeal waffle that taste just like French toast!

That is just one of many examples of how you can make healthy alternatives to some of your favorite cheat foods. For more tasty recipes, and other helpful eating and lifestyle tips check out Kathleen’s website.

Ok so that takes care of my craving for French toast, but what about when I want something cold, thick and chocolaty? Well with a couple scoops of protein powder and a little creativity you can create yourself a high protein alternative to your favorite ice cream treat.

Another good friend of mine, and self proclaimed master mixologist Aubrie Richeson / has provided us with 12 sensational protein smoothie shake recipes. I am sure one of these is guaranteed to take care of that evil craving from something cold, sugary and full of fat!

All fun and joking aside, proper planning of your meals is the most important thing you can do to avoid cheating. Your more likely to cheat when you are hungry and don’t have a healthy meal readily available. So plan, plan, plan, and plan some more! ..........But for those times when you want to give yourself a delicious treat, don’t blow you diet, use the resources I have listed above and enjoy a healthy alternative, that isn’t going to make you feel the need to do an extra 40 min of mind numbing cardio!

Brandon Johnson




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