About Me

Brandon has been a personal trainer for the last 7 years. Along with personal training he also teaches strength and conditioning classes at Weber State University. He enjoys being involved in the academic world because of the many opportunities and continuing education it provides.

One of the things Brandon enjoys the most about training is helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals. The most rewarding aspect about helping people transform their bodies is that through this process they not only transform their bodies, but they transform their entire lives.

Through this transformation process he has seen them regain the spark of living, and the excitement of life. A lot of his clients have also had many amazing opportunities they otherwise would not have had if it weren't for their transformations. Brandon believes through the body's transformation comes mind, soul, and life transformations as well.

Along with his personal training certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Brandon holds a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition, and a Masters Degree in Sports Performance and Conditioning. For Brandon, being a trainer is more than just having a certification. To him it is about becoming a true expert and continually striving to improve his knowledge and skills as they pertain to exercise and nutrition.

Brandon has developed a specialized training program for training figure and bikini athletes that has been very successful.

Brandon has also trained numerous other types of clients with a wide variety of health and fitness goals, everything ranging form fat loss to MMA conditioning.  Along with private training Brandon also runs fitness boot camps at various location around the Ogden area.

When not working with clients Brandon tries to spend a little time working out himself.  When not in the gym you can usually find Him out on the trails with his dogs, rock climbing, or at an MMA class. 
For more information email brandonj790@gmail.com